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kiniheadon.gif (4359 bytes)My name is Wilikinia (Weeleekeeneeaa) which means Virginia in Hawaiian but everyone just calls me Kini (it sounds like Keenee). I live with Bob & Amy Ramsey in Virginia which is on the East coast of the United States of America. They found me when they were on vacation in Hawaii in 1996.  They loved me and wanted to adopt me.  I loved them too. So after I was adopted I went to live with them. I have loved every minute of it!

I am a boy lizard and I like my nickname because it means “the many”. I have gone on many adventures and travels with Bob and Amy and a lot of their friends. I think it is important to tell children and adults about the different cultures and people I meet on my travels. I also think that it is important to experience new things. So, I like to hitch a ride with people that do things most of us may never get a chance to try.

On my first big adventure when I went back to Hawaii, I met Kimi.  She is my best lizard friend and my travel buddy. In case you haven't guessed, she is a girl lizard. I'm going to let her introduce herself...


kimiheadon.gif (5187 bytes)HI EVERYONE! My name is Kimi (Keemee) and I am a girl lizard! I use to live in Hawaii too, but Bob, Amy, and Kini asked me if I would like to live with them on the main land, and I said, "YES!!" I was named for the Hawaiian flower on the right because it has beautiful red blooms. I love to travel too. Kini and I have had many adventures together that we would like to share with you.  


bobamy.jpg (9956 bytes)Bob, Amy, and their friends are helping us to write and post these Web pages so that we can share our stories with you.  We have had so much fun and learned so many interesting things in our travels. We want to thank our adopted families and friends for all they have done for us from buying plane tickets, developing roll after roll of film (well, now it is taking card after card of digital pictures), and for holding our lizard paws and taking care of us during all of our trips.  

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Bolling, Mrs. Mitchell, and Mrs. Akers, the first grade teachers at the old Riner Elementary School in Riner, Virginia (now called Auburn Elementary School). Amy use to teach there. Without these teachers' inspiration and dedication, Kimi and I may never have started to travel or even have met each other.   We miss you three and all the students who took such good care of us, taught us so much, and welcomed us into their classrooms as friends forever. 

On to Kini & Kimi's Adventures!  
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Aloha Hawaii! (1996) Kini's adventure with the Severn's and how he met Kimi
  Skydive! (1996) It's a bird... it's a plane... No, it's Kini & Kimi making their first jump at Burnt Chimney Drop Zone
Women's Air Race Classic (1996) Join Kimi, Jennifer Jager (Amy's sister), & Caroline Van Newkirk on a cross-country airplane race for women only Rome, Italy (1998) Bob, Amy, Kini, and Kimi go international
Australia ( 2001) Join Kini, Kimi, Bob, and Amy as they say G'day Mate on the Great Barrier Reef and in the outback down-under Europe (2002) Kini, Kimi, Bob, and Amy set out for a 2 week tour of London, Paris, and Switzerland by rail. K&K finally get married!
Grand Tetons & Yellowstone, Wyoming (2003) K&K, B&A return 20 years later to one of the most wonderful places in the United States to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary Sanibel Shell Fair & Show (2004) Kini, Kimi, Melissa, Jennifer, & Amy go to Florida to enter a shell show with Amy's shellwork - 31 years after Nana won 2 blue ribbons with her shellwork
Melissa's 69th! (2004) Melissa is K&K's Nana - she turned 69 this year! See how she got flocked by the family!              China (2004) Bob & Amy, and K&K travel through 5 cities & the Yangtze River for two weeks to learn about the Asian culture & history
Melissa's 70th! (2005) It's a Miracle! - Melissa (Nana to her grandchildren) turned 70!!! Check out our family adventures on the Carnival cruise ship!   Egypt & Milan (2006) K&K and Bob & Amy travel to Egypt to learn about the ancients, then spend 2 days in Milan on the way home
Peru - Macchu Picchu & the Amazon (2007) K&K and Bob & Amy feel the power of Machu Picchu and steamy heat of the Amazon
  Kitchen Remodel (2008) K&K watch the wall come down, cabinets pulled, and new ones put in place. Can you say "granite"?
Sanibel Shell Fair & Show (2008) Along with the judges' ribbons, K&K got a special delivery from the stork!!   A Four Part American Vacation (2008) Albuquerque, Roswell, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, then to Captiva, Florida - petroglyphs, aliens, family, and the ocean. Our 25th wedding anniversary!
Greece & the Islands (2009) K&K and their little ones, with B&A look for adventure and the source of olive oil while celebrating B&A's 26th anniversary & K&K's 9th anniversary   Toby & Athena Come Home! Born May 23, 2009 & brought home July 25, 2009 - later the brother & sister Shih Tzu pups meet K&K ... It's an ongoing story - keep checking back as they grow up
Four Cities in Four Countries in Ten Days! (2010) K&K and Bob & Amy travel to Munich, Germany > Prague, Czech Republic > Vienna, Austria > and finally to Budapest, Hungary riding the rails between each city. The catch phrase for this trip was, "Another city, another day!"
  Scotland: Edinburgh, Inverness, and Stirling (2011) K&K, their youngins', and B&A go looking for the Lock Ness Monster, green fields filled with sheep, and, of course, castles and cathedrals!
Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg (2012) Another adventure with K&K and B&A awaits in a land of Tsars, palaces, museums, White Nights, & the Cyrillic alphabet   Amsterdam & Brussels (2013) K&K and Bob & Amy travel  to Amsterdam, Namur, Dinant, Bouillon, Bastogne, La Roche-en-Ardenne, and Brussels where we met up with Jean (Amy's cousin) and her husband Jean-François. Celebrating B&A's 30th anniversary, they also, for the first time, rent a car overseas
Sicily (2014) Nine cities & archeological sites in twelve days by car and sneakers. K&K and B&A saw some the best preserved Grecian and Roman ruins, the volcano Etna, and the Italian country that has been invaded so many times that it is a mixture of cultural influences.
  Southern Spain (2015) The four of us (K&K and Bob & Amy) head to Madrid, take trains to Seville & Granada, and finally fly to Barcelona. We will see the palace where Christopher Columbus (1492) was given the funds and ships to sail into history,  underground Roman ruins, & Moorish influences
Ireland (2016) A road trip through the middle of Ireland from the west coast to the east, and back again - driving on the left, seeing castles and cathedrals across the land. A beautiful and friendly country!    A Touch of New England (2017) Having seen Tiananmen Square & Red Square, we decided it was time to see Times Square. From there we visited Uncle Cooper and Woodi, battleships, Plymouth Rock, & Salem, MA. 
Canada: Quebec City & Montreal (2018) After attending Anna & Ben's beautiful wedding, we were off to Canada. An inspiring look at our neighbors to the north!  

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