New River Valley Parachute Center (NRVPC) Reunion
July 2011, Dublin, VA

Thank you Dennis & Karen for organizing this blast from the past for all of us - whether physically, via postings, and/or in spirit alone.
Bob & I will continue to update this site for those of us that are really bad at FaceBook or don't have an account.

And thank you Sara & John Stanford for starting & managing the FaceBook page!
New River Valley Parachute Center (NRVPC) Reunion 2011
We would also like to thank Jan for starting the photos rolling in.
Also thanks to everyone for all the pictures!
Posting names and info about who is in the pictures is on FaceBook,
but like we said, this page is for those who don't do FB well and just want to see the pictures.
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Various photos from FaceBook posts: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7
(with Momma Grubb's 1st tandem @ 71 years) || 8 (@ Sals Radford)
Boo & Woolly Videos  ||  Original Dublin T-Shirts

Also check out Kini & Kimi's website - scroll down to see when they went skydiving.

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Original Posts

Danny, Larry, Will,
Steve Dean,
Ed Vanderpass, Buzz,
Bob, Tinker, John, Phil Huff

Saturn: Jean, Dorcie,
Evon, Ed Vanderpass

Steve Dean, Danny, Will, Bob, Phil Huff

Denny Sledd,
Will, Bob

Bob, Jean, & Kevin

The t-shirt!

Screwballs & Misfits:
Team Shirt

Screwballs & Misfits:
Will, Danny, Dale, Bob

Cover over VT:
Phil Matthews, Buzz, Tinker,
Photo by Gus Wing
May 1984

Over VT Drill Field

Into VPI


Water jump ready!

   Mike, Bob Steven, Dennis and Billy Ray - October 1979:



Claytor Lake water jump - probably 1980 or 81:

Water Jump:
Kevin Cowger, Knox,
Bob, and Phil Matthews

   Hangin' at the DZ with Honey ... who learned to like beer - Gee, wonder who taught this pup that??

Jan Brady McCann
 w/ pup Honey

Mike McCann, Chuck Louiselle, Buzz Conner, &
Kevin Cowger making the
last skydive Mike made at NRVPC before leaving for
the Air Force Pilot training
 March 1980

Mike McCann after
last jump at NRVPC

Knox, Jean, & Tinker


BooBoo's Memorial Jump - July 2011
Woolly , BooBoo's son, took his father for his last jump with friends and family in the air and on the ground.
We on the ground were celebrating Boo's life with stories and  eyes turned to the sky.
And then ...

The gods smiled.

Boo's ashes were released in freefall over Dublin that he flew over for thousands of hours.

And they stayed there, looking down on us - hovering, watching over the jumpers until way past
 they landed.

Even the Gods and
were present to honor Boo.

 They sent a Royal Lion cloud - paw up in salute - to send him on his way.

He watches over us still.
We lit a candle for him and all the others in a Scottish Cathedral -
and will on everyone of our trips, for those who are gone, to the end of our travels & days.

We all miss Boo -
But remember, as the classic song states:

"Only the good die young"

Boo was good! A mentor, a father, a "hero", and a down-to-earth guy.
And would have laughed it off -  all of it - with a Boo smile!

It is was who Boo was. God Bless & God Speed!


From FaceBook 1


From FaceBook 2


From FaceBook 3


From FaceBook 4


From FaceBook 5


From FaceBook 6


From FaceBook 7
(With Momma Grubb's 1st tandem at 71!)

Momma Grubb,
after years of hanging with us at the old Dublin,
makes her first jump at 71 years old!

Gotta LOVE her spirit!


From FaceBook 8
(from the evening - thank you Sals in Radford!)


Boo & Woolly Videos



Dublin T-Shirts
Here are also some of the old t-shirt designs. The mirrored images can be saved then printed on
inkjet iron-on t-shirt transfer paper (found at Office-Max, some Walmarts, and the like).












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